Fondant, sometimes referred to as sugarpaste, originates from the word “fondre” which means “to melt”, named so because it should melt in your mouth.

At Sweet Nothings Cakes our fondant is a smooth, firm yet creamy, vanilla flavored icing that does just that! All fondants however, do not necessarily possess these qualities. . . some of the packaged brands that are widely available at craft stores, as well as “home-made” fondant are often reported to be too sweet or tend to be gum-like and rubbery. Since we feel strongly that all fondants are NOT created equal…we do provide a sample at all bridal consultations so you may judge for yourself.

Underneath the fondant… are layers of delicious cake and filling that are iced with buttercream before a thin layer of fondant icing is rolled out and smoothed on the cake. This creates a very elegant look as well as sealing in the freshness, making for a wonderfully moist and delicious cake.

To get an idea of the hand-crafted, intricate sugarpaste details we can create to make your cake the perfect expression of your event, please visit our Photo Gallery.